I Girasoli deals with the distribution of high quality frozen fresh pasta. The production is done by a family company that uses ancient recipes, regional ingredients, in the typical tradition of Italian cuisine, in particular Ligurian-Piedmontese, without however neglecting the other territories.
The fresh product is instantly frozen in order to favor a perfect conservation. By doing so, once cooked, the product will have the same taste as that just out of the pasta factory.
The product offer includes different kind of pasta such as tagliolini; potato gnocchi; tagliatelle; ravioli and tortellini with different fillings. The company has different lines of pasta products such as stuffed pasta with meat, fish or vegetables; traditional pasta;  vegetarian and vegan pasta.

Traditional line
Traditional line
The traditional line include 14 typical frozen pasta products: 

- 001 Ravioli al Plin                              - 029 Cappelletti al crudo
- 002 Ravioli Casalinghi                       - 032 Cappellacci allo Speck, Brie e Radicchio
- 003 Raviolini piemontesi                   - 033 Ravioli arrosto e verdura
- 007 Tortellini                                      - 103 Ravioli tradizionali
- 022 Tondelli arrosto e nocciole         - 104 Ravioli di magro tradizionali
- 027 Ravioli al brasato                       - 108 Tortellini tradizionali
- 028 Ravioli alla Borragine                 - 111 Ravioli campagnoli

For more information and detailed technical sheet of the products in .pdf, please, visit our website.
Pasta | Not filled
Pasta | Not filled
There are 8 products in offer in this category: 

- 008 Tagliatelle                                      - 014 Trofie
- 009 Tagliolini all’uovo                          - 093 Tagliolini neri
- 010 Gnocchi di patate                         - 094 Tagliolini chitarra
- 011 Chicche di patate                         - 095 Tagliolini saraceni

For more information and detailed technical sheet of the products in .pdf, please, visit our website.
Vegetarian line
Vegetarian line
We offer variety of vegetarian friendly products, in two lines: with chese and with vegetables.

Stuffed with cheese:
- 025 Agnolotti alla fonduta del Monviso
- 042 Cuori Tricolori alla fonduta di montagna
- 047 Triangles Pecorino and Walnuts

Vegetable filling:

- 004 Ravioli di Verdura                  - 005 Quadrotti al tartufo
- 006 Pansotti alla Ligure                - 026 Ravioli ai funghi
- 031 Ravioli carciofi e pinoli           - 036 Ravioli alle castagne
- 037 Ravioloni valtellinesi              - 038 Ravioloni porro e patate
- 041 Lunette al pesto                     - 101 Ravioli di magro

For more information and detailed technical sheet, visti our web-site. 
Stuffed with fish
Stuffed with fish
We offer also special past with 6 differnt fish fillings: 

- 051 Triangoli alla rana pescatrice
- 200 Ravioli di pesce bicolori
- 202 Ravioli di pesce
- 208 Ravioloni al branzino
- 209 Ravioloni di spada alla siciliana
- 213 Ravioloni di baccalà e olive

For more information, please visit our web-site, where you can download a detailed technical sheet in .pdf.