About the project LOOK EU NET

About the project

The project

The pilot project Look-EU-Net, co-financed by the COSME Programme of the European Commission, aims to support European SMEs to help them develop, further expand or improve their international business by creating small networks of 4-8 SMEs belonging to at least 3 Member States aimed at enhancing SME’s capacity to exploit foreign markets for export purposes.

Look-EU-Net project involves 7 Partners from 5 different Countries:
Informest Consulting (Italy) as Lead Partner and the Partners Unioncamere Emilia-Romagna (Italy) Handwerk International Baden-Württemberg and Baden-Württemberg International (Germany), Toledo Regional ​Chamber of Commerce (Spain), Free Entrepreneurship Association Gdansk  (Poland),  Plovdiv Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Bulgaria).

Operating in network, European SMEs will be able to increase their capacity to go international by easing cooperation among them and to improve their competitiveness.

The project LOOK-EU-NET aims to support and help 10 European Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) networks to expand their businesses in foreign markets, also outside the European Single Market, by providing with the necessary tools for guaranteed success abroad.

The goal is, thus, to create up to 10 formalized small-firms / scale – up networks (each composed by 4-8 companies from different Countries) that will increase the beneficiaries’ capacities to go international, improve technological and managerial skills, and enhance their performance and internationalization strategy.

About the Network

One of the Networks formed and financed by the project is FOOD VARIETY NETWORK. 

It has common strategy toward the targeted markets and common operating plan, to be implemented within 12 months. 
The planned activites include:
1./  Building of common web-site and visual identity. Preparation of commercial documents.
2./ Scouting for potential partners in the targeted countries. 
3./ B2B meetings and negotiations between partners.  
4./ Evaluation of the results.

* Due to COVID - 19 force majeur some of the planned activities had to be reconsidered, such as visitng fairs and exhibitions, personal B2B meeting and commercial missions in the targeted countries. 
These activites are replaced, whenever possible with on-line equivalent.